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3 Tips To Make Sure You Get A Good Replacement Engine

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If your car recently started acting up, you are probably worried about what it is going to need to get it back up and running properly. Replacing the engine in your vehicle can be one of the most expensive repairs you will make. By purchasing a used engine, you can save a significant amount of money on your repairs. To make sure you get a good replacement engine for your vehicle, follow the tips below. Get the information on your vehicle ready. When looking for a used engine, you are going to need the engine code, vehicle identification number and date of production. Your vehicle identification number is just under the windshield. Engine codes can typically be found on the top or side of the engine on a metal plate or printed right on the engine itself. While some places won’t require this information to get you a price and identify the part, others will. It will save you a lot of time and hassle to gather it all at once. Ask the dealer information about the engine. When asking about the used engines the dealers have, you want to ask them about the mileage on it. It’s important to know how many miles are on the engine you are going to buy. This lets you know where to start counting the mileage on your vehicle. Ask for a copy of the vehicle history report to verify the information the dealer tells you. Get a description about the used engine. Find out whether the engine includes the exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, oil pan, wiring harness, timing covers and valve covers. It’s important to know whether you are going to need extra parts just to get your engine installed in your vehicle. Ask if there is any damage to the main components of the engine. You don’t want to purchase something that is all banged up and not going to work properly. See if they know whether the vehicle was in a rear or front end crash. All of this is important information when making a final decision. While you are looking to save money, you also have to make sure that you are getting something that is worth the investment. Spend some time researching all of the different options available to you before committing to one engine in particular. Before you know it, your vehicle will be back up and running without your having to spend a fortune. Contact a company, such as Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc, for more...

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How To Plan A Great Camping Family Reunion

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Are you in charge of planning the activities for your family reunion? You must have been chosen because you’re creative and you know how to help people have fun. Wonderful! However, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about the fact that you’ll need to plan things that will be enjoyable for different age groups. From loading equipment on a trailer to packing up at the end of the reunion, here are some ideas that might help you. First Things First – One of the most important things you can do is to have plenty of play equipment on hand. Do you own a truck or an enclosed utility trailer? If not, this would be a good time to buy one. Enclosed flatbed trailers are affordable and you’ll use yours long after this reunion is a done deal. Of course, you can always borrow one or rent one, too. Either way, it will be the perfect way to transport the things you’ll need for the activities you plan. Will you be taking your own tents and a cooking grill? If so, select a trailer that will accommodate those. For more information, contact companies like Colorado Trailers Inc. Outdoor Activities – A good way to start your fun is with old-fashioned games like tug-o-war, three-legged races and plenty of water games. Another good plan is to have a volleyball game or a softball game. Get some good competition going with gals against the guys. Another fun activity is to have a scavenger hunt. For safety reasons, make sure that nobody is ever alone. One of the highlights of your family reunion is to bike around the area surrounding your camping grounds. For those who can’t transport their own bicycles, let them know that you have space on your enclosed flatbed trailer to bring them.   Indoor Activities – There may be some in your group who would prefer to be indoors. They may just delight in alone time reading a book or writing letters. For those who want something more than that, here are some enjoyable indoor activities.  Set up tables with board games on them. Have a craft area, both for little ones and for adults. Arrange for somebody to teach a special cooking class. Have story time for the children. The End – Wind things up with a fun cleaning and packing activity. Give a prize for the person who collects the most trash and another prize for the individual who gathers the most toys and other play equipment. Offer a special treat for those who will help to load the utility trailer.  Before everybody goes in different directions, be sure that you calendar next year’s family reunion. This might also be a good time to make...

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Replacing Your Car’s Suspension Coil Springs

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Your car’s suspension system is what gives you a smoother ride. If you’re noticing harder bumps as you drive or that the vehicle is not turning as tight as it used to, the problem could be related to the suspension. In many cases, the coil springs that are designed to absorb the motion of your wheels can become stretched or worn out. Replacing them will improve the suspension quality of your vehicle and give you a much more stable ride. Here’s how to replace these springs yourself. Before You Begin When working on your vehicle, make sure it is on a flat, completely level surface. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes at all times. Slightly loosen the nuts from your tires, but do not completely remove them. Then, using a floor jack, lift the front end of your vehicle up to a comfortable height where you will be able to get underneath and perform the work. Make sure that the vehicle is correctly supported with jack stands on both sides. Once it’s supported properly, you can remove the wheels.  Removing Ball Joints And Struts In order to replace the coil springs, you’ll need to remove the lower ball joint. Find the correct socket size needed to turn this part loose until it can be completely removed. Then, find the bolt that hold the struts to the body of your car. You can usually locate these under the hood of the car. Undo the nuts and gently move the strut out of its current position and away from the car. Removing these two parts will give you the room you’ll need to replace the springs. Be sure to keep all of your replacement nuts handy for future use, since most replacement coils don’t include a new set. Compress The Coil Now it’s time to remove the worn out coil from the strut. It should always be compressed first before you undo the bolt connected to the spring. This will help protect you since the spring can come loose and cause injury or damage. Using a compression tool, turn it tightly for several turns. Do this for both ends of the spring until it feels and looks as if the spring is now compressed well. Once this is complete, you can remove the bolt and take the coil spring completely off. New Coil Installation When you’re ready to put the new coil spring in, you should also perform full compression on it before you install it. You can use the same method as you did for the old spring, and ensure that the new one is as tightly compressed as possible. Now, place the coil spring onto the strut. Be sure that it fits correctly and is sitting into the groove located at the bottom of the strut. Once it’s in the right place, can you can tighten the top and then bottom bolt, and remove the compression tool. Once you’ve finished, you can reinstall the strut and ball joint, put the wheels back on, and lower your car. It will ride much more smoothly now with a brand new coil spring installed. For more information, contact companies like Gitt’s Spring...

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Foreign Car Owner? Two Reasons Why Your Car Should Be Serviced By A Specialist

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If you own a foreign car, you may not see much harm in taking it to the local dealership for servicing.  After all, the place is close by, and the automotive technicians are easily able to fit you in whenever you need assistance.  However, no matter how convenient it may be for you, the well-being of your car is truly what is at stake here. It’s important for your vehicle to be serviced and maintained by an individual who is a specialist in your particular brand of foreign car.  Use this information to learn more about why you should take your vehicle to a foreign car automotive facility, like Wolfe’s Foreign Auto, when it’s time for repairs. Certification Is The Key One of the most compelling reasons why you should take your car to a foreign car repair facility is because you want the person working on your car to be brand certified.  Brand certification means that the worker is intimately acquainted with the particular nuances of the foreign car’s engine and composition.  This can go a long way toward helping the technician arrive at a correct diagnosis. In addition, if you choose a foreign car repair center that specializes in only one brand of foreign car, it may mean that they have had to undergo rigorous evaluations and inspections before they are allowed to bear the name in their title. When you take your vehicle to the foreign car care center, ask if the worker’s have undergone brand certification.  If so, ask how recent the certification is and ask to see proof if it is available.  This certification lets you know that the technician is committed to keeping up with the changes and requirements issued by the manufacturer in order to retain the designation. Foreign Car Repair Centers Offer Excellent Maintenance Advice Another reason why it’s so beneficial for you to go to a foreign car repair specialist is because it gives you the opportunity to get car maintenance advice from the experts.  These people work on the same brand of car day in and day out.  Therefore they can typically offer great advice concerning what you can do to keep your car in tip top shape for as long as possible Going to a foreign car specialist may prove to be a wonderful decision.  When your car needs to be fixed, contact a foreign car technician so you can enjoy these benefits and...

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Troubleshooting Simple Issues With Your Car’s Lights

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You get into your car, start it up and realize that one of your headlights isn’t working. Before looking for an auto repair shop to fix your light, you may be able to do your own troubleshooting and correct the problem. Here is how to do basic troubleshooting on the lights on your car and get yourself back on the road. Bulbs and Fuses All of the light bulbs in your car are connected to fuses that protect the car should a short circuit or overload condition happen. A problem with a light is likely a burned out bulb or fuse. You can check both of these to see which one is the problem, replace the faulty part, and be safe on the road again. When troubleshooting light problems, two good rules to start with are: If only one of a pair of lights (e.g., headlights or tail lights) is out, then it is likely a burned out bulb. If both lights in a pair are not working, it’s likely a bad fuse. Replacing Fuses When you suspect a fuse problem, here are the steps to correct that problem. Locate the fuse panel in your car. It is often in the glove compartment or on the side of the dashboard on the driver’s side. Remove the cover on the fuse panel. Inside are all of the fuses connected to the lights and other electronic devices in your car. You will also find spare fuses in the panel. In your car’s owner’s manual, find the chart that describes each of the fuses. Each fuse will be in a numbered location making it easy to find. Find the fuse associated with the pair of lights that aren’t working. Pull out the old fuse and replace with the exact new spare fuse. Most fuses are color-coded for easy identification and matching. Replace the cover on the fuse panel and try the lights. As soon as you can, go to an auto parts store and replace the spare fuse so you’ll be ready for the next troubleshooting task. Replacing Bulbs You have a number of different bulbs in your car, but they tend to be replaced the same way in the same make and model of car. Your bulbs may have slightly different connectors than what are described here, but replacing them will be similar. The first step is to go to an auto parts store and have them give you the bulb you suspect is the problem. There are dozens of different sizes and styles of bulbs, so have a clerk find the right bulb for you. Headlights, Front Turn Signals and Parking Lights Open the engine hood and locate the light assembly containing the bulb you suspect is burned out. Find the round connector with wires going to it at the back of the light assembly. Twist the connector counterclockwise and pull it out of the light assembly. The bulb sits in the connector you’ve pulled out. If the bulb has a round base, push the bulb in slightly while turning it counterclockwise to remove it. Insert the new bulb by pushing it into the connector slightly while turning it clockwise until you feel it click into place. If the bulb has a flat base, pull the bulb straight out of...

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Quick Guide To Tonneau Truck Covers

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Are you a truck owner? If so, you should take a moment to consider whether or not you are protecting your investment. A tonneau cover is an ideal way to protect the bed of your truck from damage from weathering, and it also has a number of other benefits. The following points will help you to gain a greater appreciation for tonneau covers and help you decide whether one might be right for you.  Benefits of Adding a Tonneau Safety – If you use your truck to haul cargo or tools, imagine those tools flying off of your truck and causing an accident or damaging another driver’s vehicle. A tonneau will offer a barrier of protection and reduce the chances of a mishap occurring. Deter Theft – A tonneau will also allow you to keep expensive items out of view. The type of tonneau material you choose can offer more protection against theft too. For example, a thief may be able to use tools to cut through a soft cover tonneau to access the bed of a truck. Improved Fuel Efficiency – Tonneaus may also result in you having better gas mileage, which can equate to you saving money on vehicle operation costs.  Choosing Between a Soft or Hard Tonneau Hard textures are better suited for areas that have harsh winters because they are durable enough to withstand the weight of ice and snow. Installation of hard tonneaus may involve drilling, and they take longer to install than soft cover tonneaus. The easiest way to understand the differences in installation times is to imagine spreading out a soft, light-weight item over an area and securing it with fastening mechanisms versus mounting and securing a solid item over an area with screws and bolts. If you have an interest in a customized kit appearance, a hard tonneau will allow you the most flexibility. This is because you can get these types of tonneaus to match the color and building materials of your truck. For example, it is possible to get a customized tonneau made of fiberglass to match a truck with a fiberglass body. Additional customization such as racing stripes or lettering could also be added to the tonneau.  A custom truck parts provider, like Pacesetter Truck Caps & Accessories Inc, is a good resource to use if you plan to purchase a tonneau. They can consult with you about how you primarily use your truck and help you determine whether you need to look for additional features in your new tonneau. For example, if you use your truck for work purposes and frequently haul expensive goods or tools, it may be best for you to invest in a hard cover tonneau that locks at the tailgate of your truck for optimal...

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How To Defrost A Frozen Car Lock

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If your car’s door lock has become frozen over, and you can’t open your door electronically, you’ll need to melt the ice from the lock. However tempting it may seem, do not pour boiling water on the lock. This will not be able to melt the ice inside the lock, and can freeze around it and make the problem worse. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps that you can do take to properly defrost your lock and gain access to your home. Defrosting a Car Lock Check the Locks: Check every lock on your car, and find the one that is the least frozen. It will usually be the one that is facing the sun – it’s for this reason that you should park your car in a place where it won’t be covered by shade in the winter. Use your Hand: Press the palm of your hand or your thumb against the lock, and hold it there for a few minutes (but take care to not cause yourself too much discomfort). If the ice is only a thin layer covering the opening of the lock, your body heat might be enough to let you into your car. If not, continue on to the next step. Use a Lighter: Heat up your key using a lighter, heating the entire length of the key, taking care to not burn yourself. Additionally, be sure to not melt any of the plastic attached to the key. Once the key has been heated up, put it into the lock. The key should slowly melt away any ice trapped inside the lock. You may have to repeat the process several times before you’re able to gain access to your car. Petroleum Jelly: You can apply petroleum jelly to your key and insert it into the lock if the lighter wasn’t enough. Petroleum jelly will react with the ice and cause it to melt. It is important to note that petroleum jelly does burn easily, so you should cool your key down after using the lighter before apply petroleum jelly to reduce the risk of an accident. De-icer: If none of the above solutions have given you access to your car, you can try using a commercial de-icer, available at most automotive stores and gas stations. This is a chemical designed specifically to melt ice. Apply it to your lock and key: it should melt any remaining ice after the above methods, and grant you access to your car. If you have more serious repairs that need done to your car, visit an auto repair shop like Service Pro Auto & Truck...

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Answers For A Couple Of Windshield Replacement Questions

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A damaged windshield can be a major safety hazard for any automobile. In addition to the reduced visibility from the chips and cracks, the glass will be weakened by these damages, which will make it less likely to withstand an impact from road debris or an accident. When your windshield has suffered extensive cracking or chipping, you must have it replaced to restore the safety of your automobile. When you learn the answers for the following couple of questions about windshield replacements, you should be a more informed driver about this aspect of car maintenance.  How Long Will You Have To Wait For The Glass Technician To Finish The Repair? There are many people that will delay having this repair done to their vehicles because they are wanting to avoid any disruptions to their daily routines. Not surprisingly, these people may think that they will have to wait for a lengthy time for this type of repair to be done.  Fortunately, there are many windshield replacement providers that provide mobile services. This means that these professionals will likely be able to meet you at your place of work or home to complete this routine repair. In fact, these professionals will usually be able to have this work done in less than an hour, which can further reduce any inconveniences that you are concerned about experiencing.  When Will It Be Safe To Wash The New Windshield? Washing your car is essential for maintaining the appearance of the vehicle as well as preventing some forms of damage to the car’s exterior. However, you should avoid washing the windshield immediately after having it replaced. These large pieces of glass are held in place with industrial strength adhesives, and these substances will need time to fully dry before being exposed to moisture.  Typically, you should wait at least a couple of days before washing your car. Also, you should check the weather and make sure that you have your car parked under shelter if there is rain in the forecast during this time period.  Replacing your car’s windshield is something that many drivers will need to have done to their cars. When having the windshield replaced, it is important for you to understand that there are mobile repair services to prevent you from being stranded in the repair shop during this work, and you should avoid washing the car for a couple of days following this repair to give the adhesive time to dry. For more information, contact a local windshield replacement...

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Making Your Automobile Kid Friendly

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If you have children, simply getting them in the car can be exhausting. Actually getting them safely from point A to point B while keeping your vehicle intact can seem almost impossible. Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps to make transporting your kids easier. Safety In addition to providing proper car seats for the younger children, you need to take simple precautions such as buckling spare seat belts so that they are not a strangulation hazard. On many late model vehicles,  the shoulder belt will retract and “lock” into place if you pull it out as far as possible after you buckle the belt. Make certain that you use the childproof locks on door and windows, but do not count on them to keep the kids in the car. Children should never be left alone inside a vehicle, even for a moment. Be sure that your car has a functioning emergency trunk release because even older children may try to hide in the trunk just for fun.  Accessories If you are in the market for a new vehicle, look for one that has a rear-seat entertainment system and built-in snack trays, cup holders, and coolers. You will always need a place to store the food and toys that are necessary when traveling with the children. Do not forget to actually measure the trunk space. You will need plenty of room, and the size of the vehicle is not always a good indicator of the room in the car’s trunk.  Interior The material you choose for your vehicle’s interior will make a huge difference in how tear-resistant and easy to clean the seats will be. Leather seats will cost more, but they will withstand damage better than fabric or vinyl. If they do suffer damage, repairing them is usually quite simple. They are easy to clean and age well. When the kids overturn their juice boxes or smash ice cream cones into their seats, you can clean up the mess with just a damp cloth. Leather owners report that their original seats have lasted for years and still look great. For the best results, choose a darker color of leather.  As a parent, you will make your life easier and keep your children happier by buying and maintaining a kid-friendly vehicle. Pick a car with the latest safety features and excellent storage space. If possible, choose leather for your seats. Following these tips will keep both your automobile and your family in good shape. Contact a company like Franks Auto Top & Upholstery for more...

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Top Towing Service Questions From Inexperienced Drivers

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When you rely on a car to get you where you need to go every day, there is bound to come a time when you find yourself stranded for whatever reason. As a new driver, knowing what to expect from a towing service will make your first experience being stranded much easier to handle. With just one call, you can have the help on the way that you need. Here are a few of the most frequent questions inexperienced drivers usually have about towing services and the answers you will want to know if your car fails you.  Are towing services available 24-hours a day? Drivers are often on the road around the clock; therefore, a lot of towing services do have 24-hour service available. This will definitely be comforting to know if you find yourself stranded in a secluded area after dark.  Will the tow truck driver expect payment immediately? In most cases, the answer to this is no. Towing services understand that things can happen with your automobile even when you have no money with you and a lot of drivers don’t keep cash on hand. You will likely be billed for the services after the fact.  What do you do if you are unsure of where you are at? If you break down in an unfamiliar area, you can usually help the tow truck driver find you by describing your surroundings. These service professionals are on the road all the time and become very familiar with the location. Additionally, some companies have the technology to use GPS tracking to locate vehicles by where you are located with your cell phone.  Can a towing service just bring you fuel if you run out? Most towing companies offer an array of services for motorists who are having problems on the roadway and bringing you fuel is one of them. Additionally, you can usually get a battery jumped, a tire brought to you, and even specific auto parts if needed.  Will your car insurance reimburse you for the bill? In order to be reimbursed for what you have to pay for towing services, you will have to have roadside assistance coverage with your policy. Some finance companies and banks offer this form of coverage along with an auto loan as well, which is helpful to know as a driver.  When you take some time to get to know a few things about towing services, you will be doing yourself a huge favor as an inexperienced or new driver. If you have additional questions, it is always a good idea to talk to a towing services representative for more information.  For professional towing services, contact a company such as R & R...

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